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City: Eilat, Israel
Address: Derech Ha\'Arava (Ha\'Arava Road)
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Authentic south American grill.

Across the green pastures of South America, local cowboys, the Gauchos,  grow fine cattle that get exclusively natural food, thus assuring the beef’s excellent taste and quality.

The secret of delicious meat cuisine at the El Gaucho restaurants lies in the right choice of beef parts, their cutting, seasoning using special cooling, and careful roasting on a coal grill.

The result: the beef’s unique taste and aroma found only at El Gaucho.

Argentinean cuisine is known for its simplicity combined with an exquisite taste, and we at El Gaucho restaurants are doing our best to preserve this taste complete with its flavors and compositions, so that our guests in Israel would feel exactly like in the faraway Argentina.

The El Gaucho restaurant chain operates in Israel since 1982 and has branches all over the country: from Eilat to Bat-Yam and Hertzliya and up to Haifa.

Three of our branches hold Kosher certificates: in Haifa, Jerusalem and Netania,

while those in Rishon Le-Tzion and in Ramat-Gan are rated Kosher Le-Mehadrin.

For the last four years, the El Gaucho chain offers meat gastronomy workshops,  taught by our chef Itzik Feinshtein and featuring a special festive dinner.

The El Gaucho’s meat gastronomy workshops have earned such an acclaim that we have to hold about 25 such workshops a year to meet the demand.

 In addition, the El Gaucho restaurant chain offers a range of services, such as catering, country picnics, tailor-made workshops and carnivore meals.

This is just a part of our services in which we specialize for over a quarter of century and that have won us an excellent reputation in the field of meat gastronomy.

At the chain of South American grill restaurants El Gaucho you may reserve your table online via our website. No need for waiting in line and wasting your time: just click on Table Reserve option, fill in the details, and your order immediately goes to the restaurant of your choice. We’ll call back in order to acknowledge your table reservation.

So have a nice time – And enjoy your meal!

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