City: Eilat, Israel
Address: Holiday Inn Hotel Promenade
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Open since 1986, Pago Pago restaurant is well established as a leading culinary institution in the city of Eilat. Headed by a young talented chef, with a menu including sea food, fish and an outstanding sushi bar as well as choice meat dishes, our kitchen combines the best of the Mediterranean kitchen with Italian and French influences. Fresh fish and sea food are purchased daily, and twice a week choice fresh sea food and fish are flown directly to us from overseas markets. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of visitors have dined here, including presidents, prime ministers, ministers, celebrities from Israel and abroad, with regularly returning Israeli visitors and Eilat residents

Anchored alongside the north bank of the Eilat marina, close to the King Solomon hotel, Pago Pago was constructed on a steel barge deck where it functioned as a floating restaurant for 25 years.

At the start of 2010, the restaurant closed down following a fire which broke out in the kitchen (the result of an electrical fault), and destroyed the floating construction. The restaurant reopened in February 2011 in a superbly designed building, surrounded on three sides with water and constructed on the exact location where the floating restaurant had been anchored in the waters of the lagoon.

The new restaurant is designed with clean lines adorned with uniquely integrated elements of woodwork, cement, iron and glass, giving a universal, classical appearance.

Perfectly chosen, attractive interior lighting infuses the space with soft gentle light. Through the panoramic windows surrounding the restaurant, the nearby anchored yachts can be seen, reflected in the waters of the Red Sea. In the evening hours, the twinkling lights of the hotels skirting the harbor offer restaurant guests a unique view and a sense of freedom and relaxation.

In the center of the restaurant is an impressive rectangular bar built from blackened oak and embellished with strips of natural oak integrated with silvery metal. The bar is usually surrounded by a young, vibrant crowd, who come to savor the sushi and tapas, the sea food, and the extensive range of alcoholic beverages and wine.

Our wine cellar contains over 1000 bottles of wine – a rich selection from leading Israeli boutique vineyards alongside a collection of international wine labels.

Adjacent to a pier, yachts and small sailing vessels of up to 24 meters are able to anchor alongside the restaurant, so passengers can disembark, dine, and then immediately continue their voyage.

The restaurant management and kitchen staff have proven professional skills and vast experience in designing and producing diverse events for yacht decks, such as receptions, birthday parties, and gala dinners.

At Pago Pago we are well experienced in private and corporate hospitality and catering services. We are happy to be at your service at all times.

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